Learn the Lessons…

This past week has been a week of eye opening lessons for me. It’s so funny how sometimes we feel like we’ve learned new things or new behaviors but when placed in certain situations we slip & fall again or we react the same way we used to. It happens. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I am my own worst critic. I CAN BEAT MYSELF UP majorly sometimes but that’s when the practice of balance needs to kick in. I believe in order to embrace success you must first be comfortable with failure. Sometimes you will slip & fall and guess what that’s OK! I have come to realize that God will continue to put you in the same kind of situations until you learn to master it and conquer the lesson there is for you to learn.

It’s important to remember that we are all souls living a human experience. So even though we are a soul we still have to experience the human part. The hurt, the pain, the disappointments, the joy, excitement, and all the other things & feelings we experience as human beings. Your spiritual practice matters most when you are being tested. All of life is a test.

I know lately when turning on the news most of it is negative. I also see a lot of stories in the media (TV, magazines, newspapers) that are positive but for some reason the positive stories don’t make it to the headlines as much, they remain in the background. By seeing all these tragic events happening all over the world it is clear to me that some people have LOST THEMSELVES. They have disconnected from a higher power, a divine source, a God. As a community we have lost ourselves in the drama, we have turned into a community that sucks, lives & thrives off things that in the long run will do us no good. We must LOVE more instead of HATING more. We must uplift each other instead of knocking each other down. We must encourage instead of discouraging. It is the time to be OF SERVICE. Step out of your comfort zone & share your talents with the world. Share your light! The world needs yours and my light now more than ever. All these stories on the news should teach us all a huge lesson. WE HAVE WORK TO DO! Spread your light, be compassionate, smile at a stranger, give someone hope. Everyone is fighting his or her own battle. Instead of more obstacles we need more LOVE. Let us all learn the lesson in whatever we may be going through and be that light the world so desperately needs.

Make a promise with me, that today you will not beat yourself up for the mistakes you have made, but rather love yourself for the privilege it is to be divinely guided into having a more godly and loving mindset.

Author: Raq-C

Attitude of Gratitude

I always tweet on twitter about having an “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” and I get alot of people that ask me in private messages what I mean? Well, let me explain. An “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” is when you truly/sincerely get into a grateful conscious state of mind for everything in your life. YES, even the bad because even the bad is good whether you want to believe it or not. 

Adapting an “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” may take some practice because for some automatically going to the negative side of things is natural. I guess you can say that is human nature BUT that must change and it begins with us. If you automatically see the negative in something what do you think you are training your kids, husband, wife, employees to do? The same thing. Many of us learn by what we see not by what we are told. 

Gratitude is such a beautiful thing. I’m not talking about being grateful ONLY when good things happen. NO! I’m talking about EVERYDAY gratitude. Waking up & like Oprah saying, “THANK YOU” that is gratitude. Thanking God for the smallest gifts he gives us everyday. Even if you don’t have your dream job yet. Even if you are having problems in your marriage or relationship. Be grateful. Some never get to experience LOVE! The man up above never fails us. Something that has given me a lot of gratitude this week is seeing images of the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. I’m so grateful my family & I are safe in the West coast & I will continue to pray for all those that were affected. 

The more you dive into GRATITUDE you will see the blessings come. I don’t know how to explain it.

When you adapt the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE everything begins to flow. Its magical. Be grateful for the obstacles, the triumphs, the failures, EVERYTHING. But it must be a sincere gratitude, you can’t fool the boss man upstairs. You are exactly where you need to be in your life at this exact moment, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND that. GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE! 

As you embark on your ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE, be ready to see your life transform! You will notice yourself smiling more, you’ll be in a better mood & life will ONLY get better all because you have now become sincerely grateful!


-RAQC (Author) 

Being you is just enough…


I read this the other day, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”and it made me SMILE really BIG! I thought to myself, “No one else is like ME, talks like me, walks like me, etc. I am so one of a kind. How cool is that?” This applies to all of us! 
So many times we want to be like someone else. We want to look like them, have their body, their attitude. Don’t get me wrong it is ok to look up to others and admire them but TRUE BEAUTY is when you love & EMBRACE yourself. Now that is SEXY! No one else can do it like you. NO ONE! 
If you don’t like yourself, how do you expect others to like you or embrace you? You can’t receive what you don’t give yourself. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, do something about it. If you don’t like your attitude, change it. Its miraculous what happens when you TRULY love & accept all of YOU. Every single flaw & imperfection and know that YOU ARE PERFECT. Once you get to that point, doors will open, opportunities you never imagined will come. You can fool others but you CAN’T fool yourself. When you do fool yourself, you’re lying to yourself. Now why would you want to do that??? Who likes being lied to? No one. Yet you lie to yourself because sometimes it makes things easier to cope with. 
I wrote this on twitter the other day, “To say u don’t hv enough is to disrespect god! He has given YOU & me every single tool we need to succeed! It’s up to us to do the work!” 
You have every single tool to be successful by just being YOURSELF! Nothing more, nothing less! Be great, Be happy, Smile, & watch the universe smile back at you! 

-RAQ-C (Author) 

YOU have your own journey...

All good feelings come from LOVE!! All negative feelings come from a lack of love.
Life isn’t happening to you- life is responding to you! Every subject of your life is your call & you make the call on everything in life by what you give. 
All the things you love want you! Dollars want you. Health wants you. Happiness wants you.  
YOU have your own journey…….
As I sit here at the Denver Colorado airport people watching……It clearly came to me by everything I observed that we are all indeed on our own UNIQUE journey. Some are rushed,  others desperate to get there, & others walk as if they have all the time in the world. It’s beautiful to be still at times & just absorb what is going on around you. Really be present!!! 
Our own unique journey is ours ONLY! It doesn’t matter what your mom or dad, close friends or relatives  think you should be doing with your life. Live your life on your standards & your way. Are you really going to continue “people pleasing” the rest of your life? We got one shot at this AMAZING journey called life, make it count. I know a lot of adults that seek the approval of a parent or sibling. They just want to hear “i’m proud of you” or “I love you”. Sometimes we don’t know how fortunate we are until we hear others people’s story. Some people have never been told “I LOVE YOU”. Ever.  
Stop for a second & think how lucky YOU are. 
Your journey will include dips, falls, rises, & loops. I like to compare life to a rollercoaster. Its so fun but you must buckle up if not you will fly out. LITERALLY! Your life is meant to be AMAZING! You are supposed to be successful. You are supposed to have a successful career. You are supposed to find true love. You are meant to live a fulfilling life. Why would you think you are meant to suffer in this life? This life that we ONLY have one shot at living. Your journey is SO UNIQUE. You must be thankful & grateful for the ups & the downs. All these things are making you the strong, intelligent person you are becoming. EMBRACE IT. 
Sometimes the people closest to us think they know what’s best for us BUT like my mom always tells me “BE TRUE TO YOURSELF”. When you are true to yourself you might disappoint others & guess what, that is OK to. 
-Raq-C (Author) 

Feelings are meant to be felt…..

“To think of loosing is to lose already”- Silvia Townsend Warner

“Courage is very important. Like a muscle it is strengthened by use.”-Ruth Gordon  

“You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you”- Mary Tyler Moore

Feelings are meant to be felt...

The last time I checked we were all human.

We make mistakes, we are vulnerable, we will hit rock bottom.

When feelings arise within you it is IMPORTANT that you feel them. Don’t try to shove them away & ignore them & pretend they aren’t there. The only person you will be fooling is yourself. NOW WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT? That will only work for a limited amount of time before you snap on someone or have a personal breakdown.

AGAIN, feelings are meant to be felt. So cry, be sad, be happy, be angry, be jealous, be shocked…….FEEL THOSE INTESE CRAZY feelings and then LET THEM GO!

Release them.

One thing us human beings have a hard time with is letting things go. We can let go of everything BUT a grudge. LOL! Holding on, ONLY STOPS us  from growing. Holding on stops us from developing our beautiful journey called, LIFE. Something that works for me and many others I know is writing about it. One time I wrote a letter to someone as if I was going to give it to them one day. So I wrote all my feelings in it & then instead of giving it to them I burnt it. It was my way of releasing it.

GONE. Done. Over with.
You can still be strong and still feel. Just because you shed a tear does not make you a weak person. It shows you are real & human. Like Reese Witherspoon said, ” I don’t believe in perfection, I don’t believe there is such a thing” & I must say I agree with her 100%. Think about it. If we were perfect, we would no longer be learning. Life would be so BORING!
Get real with yourself. You deserve your own HONESTY!

If you can’t be honest with yourself don’t expect others to be honest with you.

-RaqC (Author)

Changing Your Mood

Do you ever have one of those bad days and you just either feel blah or your day has not been the way you’d liked it to be? Well maybe you can fix all that. Whenever my day is not going so well, I put on that feel good music, music that gets you in the mood and makes you feel like nothing has gone wrong at all. Heck when the music is on I usually get in the kitchen and start to cook up something and after I’m done cooking my meal I grab my plate pick a good funny, scary or action packed movie to watch and let my problems and bad day melt away. Some people choose to take a nice bath or go out with friends or do other things. Although your day has not gone the way you’d like you always have the power to change your mood and make it feel as though it was a good day after all.


In today’s busy world, it’s easy to put everyone else first. With the demands of work and family, it might feel that there’s not much time left over for you. Perhaps you even feel guilty about taking time for yourself – after all, shouldn’t you be spending that time with your kids, or your spouse, or your in-laws?

We all need time to rest and recharge. If life feels so busy that you’re convinced you can’t manage to have a few hours for yourself, then it’s especially crucial that you carve out some “me time”. Here’s why:

You Need to Take Care of Your Health

If you run yourself into the ground, you’re not going to be much help to the people around you.

That might seem a rather cold way to look at things – but if you’re struggling to justify your daily meditation practice, your exercising, your book club, or whatever it might be, then you need to remind yourself that your health is vital.

Good physical and mental health requires upkeep of your body, mind and soul.

That might mean:

Body: Jog for 30 minutes, three times a week
Mind: Read a book during your lunch hours
Soul:  Go to a religious service (or other act of worship) regularly

You Want Space to Breathe and Think

If your life is starting to feel like a treadmill, it’s time to hit the stop button.

When you’re in the thick of things, it’s hard to get much perspective. Perhaps you’re struggling with a particular decision – like a choice of career paths, or the opportunity to take an important qualification. It can be all too easy to put off decisions or make hasty choices if you don’t take the time to stop and think.

If you’re engaged in any creative activity – writing, designing, computer programming, running a business – then this down-time is vital. You need to be able to get away from the constant busyness in order to do the best work that you’re capable of.

To get space, you could:

Go out to a coffee shop on your own for a couple of hours
Take a long walk in the countryside
Book a weekend’s retreat, away from everyday life

You Are Important Too

Sometimes, we put other people first because we’re secretly convinced that they’re more important, or more needy, than us. We downplay our own needs in order to help them.

Perhaps you’ve got a relative who’s ill, or a friend who’s facing huge struggles in his life. By all means help them – but don’t forget that you are important too. Don’t pour all of your energy into doing things for others at the expense of taking care of yourself.

You might need to get back in touch with your own needs and desires:

Write in a journal for 5 minutes every day, and look for patterns emerging
Make a list of goals that you’d like to accomplish over the next 1, 3 and 5 years
Join a local group (or an online forum) that’s devoted to a particular hobby or goal of yours

However busy you are, you can find time for yourself – even if you have to start with just a few minutes each day, or an hour or two every weekend.

What could you do this week to make more breathing space in your life?