Attitude of Gratitude


I always tweet on twitter about having an “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” and I get alot of people that ask me in private messages what I mean? Well, let me explain. An “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” is when you truly/sincerely get into a grateful conscious state of mind for everything in your life. YES, even the bad because even the bad is good whether you want to believe it or not. 

Adapting an “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” may take some practice because for some automatically going to the negative side of things is natural. I guess you can say that is human nature BUT that must change and it begins with us. If you automatically see the negative in something what do you think you are training your kids, husband, wife, employees to do? The same thing. Many of us learn by what we see not by what we are told. 

Gratitude is such a beautiful thing. I’m not talking about being grateful ONLY when good things happen. NO! I’m talking about EVERYDAY gratitude. Waking up & like Oprah saying, “THANK YOU” that is gratitude. Thanking God for the smallest gifts he gives us everyday. Even if you don’t have your dream job yet. Even if you are having problems in your marriage or relationship. Be grateful. Some never get to experience LOVE! The man up above never fails us. Something that has given me a lot of gratitude this week is seeing images of the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. I’m so grateful my family & I are safe in the West coast & I will continue to pray for all those that were affected. 

The more you dive into GRATITUDE you will see the blessings come. I don’t know how to explain it.

When you adapt the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE everything begins to flow. Its magical. Be grateful for the obstacles, the triumphs, the failures, EVERYTHING. But it must be a sincere gratitude, you can’t fool the boss man upstairs. You are exactly where you need to be in your life at this exact moment, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND that. GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE! 

As you embark on your ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE, be ready to see your life transform! You will notice yourself smiling more, you’ll be in a better mood & life will ONLY get better all because you have now become sincerely grateful!


-RAQC (Author)